Taste from the Tropical
Taste from the Tropical


How many types of Passionfruit planted in Karo Region?

In Karo Region, there are two types of Passionfruit planted, 'Yellow Passionfruit' with white flesh (passiflora flavicarva) and 'Purple Passionfruit' with yellow flesh (passiflora edulis). The yellow one is normally eaten straight as a fruit, while the purple variety is commonly strained to obtain its juice to make concentrated syrup.


Which types of Passionfruit used in Markizza and Passion Gold?

The purple one. It tends to taste tangy and has richer aroma and flavour and because of this, it is cooked with sugar and water to make concentrated syrup. To make a Passionfruit juice drink just dilute one part syrup to four or five parts water.


How Passionfruit is commonly appreciated?

Passionfruit is known for its sweet fragrance and they are sometimes added to food simply to enhance its aroma. Popular in gourmet cooking, Passionfruit is used in fruit salads, cakes, ice cream, yogurts and many desserts. It's also used in some jams and jelly. The fruit is also used in main dishes, such as foie gras, lobster with Passion fruit butter sauce. Juice, punch, tea, soda and cocktails will have exotic tropical taste when it is enhanced with Passionfruit.


What is 'Xanthones'?

Xanthones are similar to bioflavanoids, nature’s biological response modifiers to compounds such as allergens, viruses, and carcinogens among others. It is a powerful antioxidant to protect the body from oxidative and free radical damage. But these compounds appear to be rare in nature. About two hundred natural xanthones have so far been already identified, and around forty of which have been found to be present in mangosteen fruit.

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Our passionfruits are grown and cultivated at higher altitude of Karo Highland near the famous Lake Toba, Indonesia.

Therefore, they give out such an unique flavor that is none to other.

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